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Elaina Noell

Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace
Founder & Principal

Email: elaina@inspiringaccountability.com

Elaina helps organizations design a company culture that increases employee engagement, productivity and fulfillment.

She combines her experience and skillset to bring powerful, transformative and actionable content and coaching to workplaces who are committed to authentic excellence.

Elaina’s approach focuses on working with human dynamics and neuroscience to positively inspire sustainable results instead of trying to enforce ideals that lead to defensiveness, mutual frustration and disengagement.

Elaina offers culture design facilitation and strategy, leadership development trainings and 1-1 leadership coaching.

Her relatable, light-hearted and approachable style leaves clients of all levels feeling “empowered, hopeful, and ready to take action.”

Through employee engagement and leadership coaching, she helps leaders and employees authentically contribute in ways that maximize personal and professional fulfillment.

On that foundation, companies are guided to maximize profitability and provide services and products that enrich customers’ lives, all while contributing positively to our economy.

Elaina is publishing her second book, Inspiring Accountability in the Workplace this year. She is also the author of Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead. 

Elaina is also a certified Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach and helps individuals rewrite and update old patterns to give them new and typically immediate access to getting what they want in their lives, often within one session. Learn more about Elaina’s personal NLP change-work coaching

Elaina enjoys photography, cooking, hiking, traveling, reading, writing, backyard camping, and trying new foods and activities. She lives with her husband in Petaluma, California.

Learn more at inspiringaccountability.com