PASCO HR and Employment Law Conference Speaker Spotlight: Karen Wilhem Buckley

PASCO is proud to announce our upcoming speaker lineup for our upcoming Annual HR and Employment Law Conference, taking place on September 12th at Santa Rosa Golf & Country, as:

·          Karen Wilhelm Buckley, Communicore

·          Kurt Shaver, Vengroso

·          Richard Rybicki, Rybicki and Associates

·          Panel Discussion: Goretti Hamlin, Mickele Carpenter, & Angela Clements

·          Susan Daniel ERC

·          Stephen Hirschfeld & Aura Adams, Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP

Karen Wilhem Buckley’s predestination titles “Step into New Results with Appreciative Leadership” will teach you how to highlight what works, discover habits that value innovative thinking and ask question that accelerate  organizational capacity.

About Karen Wilhem Buckley:

Karen is the Director and Co-Founder of The Wisdom Connection. Her work is to develop leaders with an integrated wisdom, one that includes the best of the masculine and feminine, has informed her speaking, publishing, coaching and consulting for over 20 years.